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APA AWARD Lifestyle + Portrait Photographer


Everyone has a camera these days and most can take a pretty good picture with thier iphone. Digital photography has made it so easy for everyone to snap away and and that’s a good thing.and beautiful.

Photography is my passion. I think of it as my choice of medium to create art. My work is not about documenting your everday, It is definately not about what you are actually doing today or your vacation, but it it about this very moment in your life. Little things we often don’t catch in our day to day snap shots. The peace you feel as an expectant mother, the way your newborn snuggles into your neck, the independence of your toddler or even the attitude of your six year old. My goal is to simply capture the ordinary to create the extraordinary.

t can’t be done in a studio or frozen with a flash. I do it with patience and perserverence anywhere you want, because I know this moment is forever.
I make sure of it.

My goal is the capture the ordinary and create the extraordinary.

Available in the Tri-State area and Beyond

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